Musculoskeletal Conditions

We treat the cause of your problem by gaining as much information at your initial assessment aiming to have a definitive diagnosis at your first assessment. Our physiotherapists have extensive experience in treating back and neck pain, sports injuries, osteoarthritis and all musculoskeletal conditions. They are able to diagnose the problem and put in place a realistic physiotherapy  plan to get you back in control of your condition through education and exercises.

Lymphoedema Management

Lymphoedema is the accumulation of protein rich fluid in the limbs as a result of a compromised lymphatic system. It can be something you are born with (Primary Lymphoedema) or occur as a result of cancer treatment (Secondary Lymphoedema) One in 5 breast cancer patients will develop Lymphoedema. Early detection is vital in its management. Trish Cooper and Sharyn Wappett are Accredited Lymphoedema Physiotherapists recognised for their continuing education with Lymphoedema. They can treat and help you manage your Lymphoedema with Lymphatic massage, low level laser therapy, intermittent compression pump and garment prescription where necessary. We can monitor your Lymphoedema withe latest technology SOZO.


Womens and Mens Health Services

We are skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of many Women’s Health conditions. These include incontinence, prolapse, urgency and pregnancy related conditions such as back and pelvic pain and  abdominal diastasis.


We are also able to now offer Mens Health Services. This includes individual assessment and exercise prescription particularly following Prostrate Cancer treatment. There is also the opportunity to attend small group exercise classes supervised by a physiotherapist.


Physiotherapy for Everyone

Incontrol Physio in Caringbah provides effective physiotherapy treatment to all population groups. We use our extensive skills and experience to assess each individual person and develop an achievable plan to help them improve and maintain these results.

Our physiotherapists have worked with both elite sports people as well as everyday athletes. We believe that everyone has the ability to improve  their physical wellbeing.



Group of People


Call (02) 9501 2292 for a physiotherapy appointment


Monday 8AM to 6PM

Tuesday 8AM to 430PM

Wednesday By appointment

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Friday 8AM to 4PM

There is plenty of offstreet parking available.



We understand that not everyone can get to a physiotherapist. We currently see a number of people in their homes in Caringbah and surrounding areas for treatment and  rehabilitation. Please discuss this option with our staff. It can be funded privately, through DVA, through your aged care package or through the NDIS.


Do you know someone funded by the NDIS who would benefit from physiotherapy to help improve their physical well-being? Our physiotherapists are able to provide treatment both in our rooms in Caringbah or if necessary at the clients home. Please call us to discuss your options.


We have in stock a number of products which will assist with your treatment. These include lumbar rolls, tape, some braces and compression garments for Lymphoedema patients. If we dont have what you require  in stock we can order it in at very competitive prices. Drop in to to our clinic in Caringbah to discuss your needs.


With over 25 years experience we have both the knowledge and expertise  to provide the most effective  physiotherapy services to all our clients.


We want you to understand your diagnosis so that together we can provide the most effective treatment and ongoing management.


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